"One TINI STEP for you, one giant leap for NetKind"

This is legacy product information, retained for support purposes only. Please see the current TStik TINI400 product information at http://www.tstik.com/

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STEP is a trademark of Systronix.

TINI 390(for TIny Network Interface) is a complete TCP/IP node with a Java JVM all on a SIMM module. TINI includes Flash, NVRAM, ethernet, RS232, CAN, 1-Wire and iButton.

The Systronix TINI Engineering Platform (STEP) is a 100x160 mm development & prototyping board.

IrDA functionality (plus a lot more) is now provided by STEP+ with SBX2 and the IrDA serial adapter.

Expand STEP with SBX2.

Detailed Socket Board Comparison Table
Links to TINI Java SIMM Information on just the TINI Java SIMM module from Dallas.
Try the Systronix demo TINI system.

Datasheets & Manuals (use Acrobat reader 4.X for best results)

STEP Datasheet (1200 KB) Data sheet with photographs and technical details. Also see the feature comparison list.
STEP Quick Reference (800 KB) User guide, jumper settings and quick tips. For STEP and STEP+. Get this if you have STEP or STEP+. Revised 2001 Oct 22.
STEP FAQ Answers to common questions about using and modifying STEP boards.
STEP Schematics PCB Rev 1A (1 MB) Current production STEP+ Boards
STEP schematics (600 KB) Rev 1 schematics (old)

STEP errata

Perfection continually eludes us...
STEP.IR schematics (200 KB) Schematics with notes and jumper settings for STEP.IR (note: STEP.IR has been superceded by STEP+ with SBX2 and IrDA. It's a bit more money, but now you get 2 UARTs *plus* IrDA.
IrDA code for STEP and PalmOS Open Source TINI Java IrDA code.

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