Java IrDA Project

This is the Java IrDA Project. Feel free to email comments, suggestions and feedback. Systronix decided to launch this project as open-source. We've never done an open-source project before, so this is an experiment. Does it make business sense? We'll see.

Current Status
At JavaOne 2001, Jac Kersing and Systronix demonstrated beaming objects from both a JStamp and a STEP/SBX2 system to PalmOS devices. This means that the IrOBEX layer in IrDA is working. This will now permit writing J2ME/KVM code for the Palm and JStamp (or TINI) and transferring objects. This holds some real promise for beaming from a Palm to a JStamp-powered JCX system, as well as between JStamp or TINI systems. We are currently working with The Box Development to complete IrOBEX and decide how the code will be distributed and supported.

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