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unofficial TINI information site
Dallas Semiconductor TINI site

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TINI (for TIny Network Interface) is a complete TCP/IP node with a Java JVM all on a $50 SIMM module produced by Dallas Semiconductor. The controller is the DS80C390.

TINI includes Flash, NVRAM, ethernet, RS232, CAN and iButton, plus a Java JVM, all on board. All it needs is power and connectors.

Development software is free from Dallas, Sun, Borland and MurkWorks. See our tutorial for all the details. Really nice socket boards are available.

Try the Systronix demo TINI system. You can also try accessing the TINI Time Server TiniTim (by John Wilson). You will need the PC software to access the time server, try CyberKit. Currently a TINI time server is not running at Systronix.
Links to the DS80C390 data sheets and user guides are on the TINI TIPs page. The C390 is the controller used on TINI.