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SBX2 adds a lot to your system -- a fast parallel LCD interface, 4x5 keypad interface, 24 bits of fast, high-current open-drain bidirectional I/O, and RS232/485/IrDA serial I/O.

SBX2 uses a Xilinx CPLD to present just one CMOS load to the address and data bus (very important on TINI and other high speed micro systems). The CPLD buffers the LCD so that it can safely be located 12-24 inches away from the SBX board. The CPLD performs the LCD timing so that your controller doesn't have to slow down for the LCD.

The most popular LCD display is our 20x4, supertwist, LED backlit display. Customizable keypads are also available.

SBX2 uses a 2mm Serial Adapter for the RS232 or IrDA output connection. RS485 uses screw terminals (the green connector in the lower right corner of the photo).

SBX2 is discontinued. We recommend you use the Amulet Technologies LCD/touchscreen instead. Here is one example for JStamp along with a link to Amulet.

SBX2 LCD Connector: The LCD connector on the SBX2 board is Molex 22-23-2161. The matching cable receptacle is 22-26-8161, but almost any 0.1-inch spaced receptacle which accepts .025-square posts will work. You can use an IDC ribbon cable receptacle, 2 x 16 or larger and one row of pins will just be unused. We used to be able to get a cable and connector assembly for this, and sold it with the LCD, but that has not been available for some months now.
SBX2 I/O Drivers and Sample Code for TINI and SaJe updated examples

Datasheets & Manuals (PDF files require free Acrobat reader 4.X)

SBX2 Data Sheet revised July 2001 Detailed technical data sheet with photos of SBX2 installed on several Systronix host boards.

SBX2 Timing Diagrams (100 KB)

Detailed timing diagrams for I/O reads and writes, LCD reads and writes, and UART reads and writes. New July 2002.
SBX2 Technical Reference (800 KB)
revised Nov 2001
Everything you need to know about using and programming with SBX2. Information about use with SaJe native Java and more about use with TINI and STEP.
SBX2 Schematics Rev 030 Jul 2002 Current production version, [PCB Rev 3] can be found adjacent to the keypad 8x1 header.
SBX2 Schematics Rev 020 Jan 2002 Schematics - previous version
2mm Serial Adapter Information Schematics and pinouts of the DCE/DTE/IrDA adapters

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