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TStik: TINI400 in the Simm72 package

TINI (for TIny Network Interface) is a complete TCP/IP node with a Java JVM all on a SIMM module. TINI includes Flash, NVRAM, ethernet, RS232, CAN and iButton, plus a Java JVM, all on board.

The Systronix TINI Engineering Platform (STEP) is a 100x160 mm development & prototyping board.

The Systronix Tini Initial Learning Tool (TILT) is a simple 100x100 mm socket evaluation sockets board.

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TINI Tips - some links to app notes, tutorial, tools info, etc, including CAN info
Links to TINI Java SIMM Information on just the SIMM module from Dallas Semiconductor
Try the Systronix demo TINI system. The IP address is - you can ftp from a command prompt (not a browser) since you must log in as user=root password=tini. You can also telnet in. Even if it's unresponsive to http, ftp or telnet, you can generally ping it. If it can't be pinged, please email us.