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Tutorial Table of Contents

From this page you can branch to any section of the tutorial.

The HTML tutorial includes screen captures. I've tried to simplify and compress them, but it's still a lot of graphics so be prepared for some file transfer time. Typical tutorial sections are 400-700 KBytes.

Over the next few weeks these pages will be changing almost daily, sometimes multiple times. Please be patient if links are dead ends, parts are missing, etc. It's a work in progress (much like the TINI modules and firmware). Feel free to email comments, suggestions and feedback.

I'm just learning Java too, and my Java is about as good as my Spanish. I hope you find it helpful (my Java, not my Spanish). If so, tell all your friends and buy a lot of Systronix products. If not, tell us and we'll try to make it better.

TINI Quick Start Tips on converting to new versions of TINI firmware, etc. Includes info on JBuilder issues, but also relates if you are not using JBuilder.
JBuilder Project Paths Understanding packages, classes, and how it all works with JBuilder projects. How to set up JBuilder paths on your PC, and some surprises in so doing.
TiniTools Paths Setting up your project's .tini file, configuring TiniTools for each project, loading a file from your PC to TINI, and connecting to TINI via the TiniTools telnet program.
Your 1st TINI Program A simple first application, shows how to build a project from scratch in JBuilder. Creates a class and class method.
Your 2nd TINI Program Blinks the TINI module CPU LED using the BitPort class.
Read temperature program Reads the temperature from a One Wire family code 10 device (DS1920 or DS1820). Tested on TINI's external One Wire net but could be used on the PC with a DS9097 adapter. Uses the new 1Wire Java API.

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