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This is a Quick Start area. Much of this tutorial (setting up and configuring your TINI hardware) has nothing to do with JBuilder and applies no matter what Java tool set you are using. It is intended to help you get TINI up and running to the point where you can communicate with it via RS-232, ftp and telnet.

The JBuilder and TiniTools areas do relate mainly to those products (which are available for free).

There is also some troubleshooting information, and even a step by step process to follow in restoring a completely erased TINI. This is a work in progress and will be refined over the next few weeks. We welcome your feedback.

Background, purpose, requirements Who is your tutor? What you need in terms of a PC and software. Too much editorializing from your tutor.
Out of the box You just received your TINI and sockets board. Now what?

My TINI Java Tool Set

Installing and configuring JBuilder 3.5

Installing the COMM API and running JavaKit

Using the TINI loader to install TINI's firmware

Configuring TINI's ethernet connection

Here's everything you need for programming and using TINI. Why I use JBuilder. Read this first before you go searching for the JDK at Sun - it will save you some time and confusion.

Loading TINI's flash memory with the basic firmware: the JVM and command shell.

Booting up TINI for the first time. Running the command shell, setting up TINI's IP parameters. Pinging TINI. Communicating with telnet and ftp.

File structures, java docs, jar files, etc

Temporarily, all the above topics which are not links are crudely lumped together in a text file here.
Soon the above topics will be converted to the deluxe HTML version.
The topics below have been converted:
Installing and configuring TiniTools The TiniTools plug-in for JBuilder makes programming TINI a lot more enjoyable.
Restoring a completely erased TINI Restoring a completely erased TINI. I "accidentally" erased all sectors of flash in several TINIs. Here's how I restored them.
Saga of an erased TINI A customer sent us their erased TINI and STEP+ board, with AT29C010 flash. Here's what we found.
Upgrading from Beta 2.2 to Beta 3.0 Step by step procedure for installing the new TINI Beta 3.0 firmware.
Upgrading to Tini 1.0 Installing the new TINI 1.0 firmware.

This tutorial is here as a service to our customers. These tutorials deal with complex issues and products which change frequently. We are only human (and hopefully humane too). There are almost certainly typographical or other errors here, as in any published text. These pages and the data therein are provided as a free service with no warranty that they are error-free or will be suitable for your needs. We will do our best to be accurate and correct but in no case is Systronix responsible for incidental or consequential damages which may result from any inadvertent errors. Please report suspected errors or typos to us via email.

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