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TINI Firmware
TINI does not come with the firmware you need, you must download it from www.ibutton.com. It's about a 3 MByte file which can be opened with WinZip or equivalent. Note that this file includes documents, sample code, and OneWire support for TINI.

JBuilder IDE (or equivalent)

Go to the JBuilder download area and download the current free version of JBuilder, it's 38 MBytes more or less. Also get the documentation files (39 MBytes) and samples (5 MBytes). If you don't have a fast connection you can order a CDROM for a very nominal amount.

You do NOT need to download the Sun JDK from the Sun website if you download JBuilder since it includes the JDK. The version of the JDK should be 1.3, and note that this version does NOT need to be the same as the TINI board's Java API which is 1.1. As long as you don't use any JDK 1.2 or 1.3 advanced features (swing or RMI) there is no problem.

At this time (July 2002) there are some problems with JDK 1.4, and we don't recommend using it until the next release (1.4.1) comes out later in the summer of 2002.

There are other Java IDEs. Feel free to use whatever you wish as long as it generates standard class files using JDK 1.3.X

TINI uses a program called JavaKit to to talk from your PC to TINI via the serial port. This is used for installing TINI firmware only (not for loading your applications). In order to use serial communications on your PC, you need the Sun COMMAPI. Get it at http://java.sun.com/products/javacomm/ and download javacomm20-win32.zip (300 KBytes).

TiniTools from Murk Works

JBuilder has an Open Tools API, which makes it easy to add "plug-ins" for special features, such as building TINI apps, sending them to a TINI via FTP, and then TELNETting to TINI to test the application.

TiniTools are written by Brad Clements of MurkWorks. (Send him an email thanking him and maybe he'll continue to enhance it.) TiniTools are not a Dallas product and they are not included in the Dallas TINI firmware. You need to get them from MurkWorks. Aim your browser at ftp://ftp.murkworks.com/FREEBIES/TINI/ and download both TiniTools.jar and README.TXT, saving them in a backup folder on your computer. (Index.htm is a short page describing what the files are.)

Note: TiniTools is only compatible with JBuilder 4, it will not work with the current JBuilder versions.


Here is a JBuilder module for TINI Ant.

TiniAnt 1.0.0 is now available for downloading from http://www.ad1440.net/~kelly/sw/tiniant/

TiniAnt is an extension to Ant that enables cross-platform building and maintenance of TINI applications.

Ant is a cross-platform, Java-based build tool that replaces system-specific build scripts and makefiles. Instead, you write a build.xml file describing your project and Ant does
the rest. You can get Ant from http://jakarta.apache.org/ant/.