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Has my order shipped?

Please log in to your online account to get your current order status.

How can I track my order's shipping progress? We always include the tracking number in the invoice copy which is emailed to you when your order ships. It's located above the list of items in the upper portion of the invoice.

Physical Contact
Street Address

939 Edison St
Salt Lake City UT
84111-4216 USA

Old Address (before 2005 Sep):
555 South 300 East
Salt Lake City UT
84111 USA

Map of our office Mapquest map and Google map
Phone and Fax

Tel: +1-801.980.1017
Fax: +1-801.534.1019 << This FAX line disconnected as of 2009 Feb 19. Most of our incoming FAXes were SPAM so the cost of this line was being wasted. It's now 2012 and we have this cool technology called the Internet. Let's use it more. Please email a PDF or other document instead of FAXing.

When you call please unblock your caller ID. We don't have a full time receptionist, so every interruption has a real cost in terms of productivity. Some days we receive an absurd number of spam phone calls. Out of necessity we must give the lowest priority to "unknown name", "unknown number" incoming calls.

Time Zone
Mountain Daylight Time (UTC - 6 hours)
Mountain Standard Time (UTC - 7 hours)
Visiting or Meeting with us
We're always happy to meet our customers! If you will be passing through Salt Lake City please contact us ahead of time to schedule a time to meet at our office or elsewhere. Also please check our scheduled appearances page to be sure we'll be in town, or to meet us elsewhere.

Virtual Contact
Support of all products Please use the SystronixJava mail list. This will be the fastest way for someone (perhaps a member of the user community) to answer you. Membership is moderated to fight spam.
TrackBot Robotics Support Please use the Systronix TrackBot Mail list. Membership is moderated to fight spam.
Product information Please use our website first, if you can, to get product information. If you can't find what you need online then contact us at info2008"at"systronix"dot"com
E--mail sales2008"at"systronix"dot"com
Don't Block our reply to your request! Please be sure your email address is valid and is not blocked by a filter on your end. If you block or filter mail from systronix.com you will also block all attempts for us to reach you. Please don't ask use to apply or beg to have our address unblocked at your institution - please do that ahead of time if you want to hear from us. (We never sell or give your email to anyone else.)
Non-public support or business issues
If you have an online account, contact us there, or email support2008"at"systronix.com


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