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JavaOne and CommunityOne
San Francisco 2009 June 1-5
We were at JavaOne and CommunityOne in San Francisco - demonstrating in the Java.net pavilion. We presented the "Swarm of Brian" Birds of a Feather BOF-5369 along with - who else - Brian himself.

Mobile & Embedded Developer Days
SUN Santa Clara Campus
2009 Jan 21-22

The second Mobile & Embedded Developer Days. Will be presenting Swarm of Brian and co-presenting Keppler's Orrery.

Robo Development
Santa Clara Convention Center
2008 Nov 18-19
An Affordable Swarm Architecture Platform in the Tools and Platforms track, Tuesday, November 18, 2008, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM. Also demonstrated TrackBot with Brian Jenkins (of the Swarm of Brian project at java.net). Presentations are online for attendees (you will have the link from the Robo Development organizers) or you can download just our presentation.
Teach Scheme / Reach Java
teaching workshop
2008 Aug 4-8, University of Utah
Week-long course based on How to Design Programs (and a draft of How to Design Classes), using DrScheme, taught by Matthew Flatt. The book and HtDP website make some bold statements such as "...learning to program should be part of the core of a liberal arts education". Very thought-provoking week. Class photos at flickr.
CommunityOne Day
Session ID S297127
On the Monday prior to JavaOne, we'll be presenting one of the nearly 40 sessions in the big Open Source CommunityOne day: TrackBot, Greenfoot, and Sun™ SPOT: Simulated and Physical Robots for Education from Upper Grade School to University Level

TrackBot with Greenfoot and SunSPOT
demos and other activities at JavaOne.

In the Robotics area of the Java.net Community Corner pavilion, in the exhibits area at JavaOne
JavaOne 2008
Moscone Center, SFO, May 6-9

BOF-6620: Robot Fusion: Mobile Robots and Sun™ SPOTs Collaborate to Hunt Humans

Also look for TrackBot in the Java.net Community Corner, Robotics Community section.

SIGCSE and Greenfoot/BlueJ day
Portland OR, USA, 2008 Mar 12-15

See TrackBot and SunSPOT with major new code releases for each, and Greenfoot simulator for TrackBot. Bruce and Shawn will be presenting Robots on Screen and in Real Life: Greenfoot and TrackBot at the BlueJ/Greenfoot Day. Then Bruce is co-presenting a vendor session Thu, March 13 14:00-15:15 titled SunSpots and TrackBots on java.net

Look for us in the Sun booth where we will be appearing with TrackBot, Greenfoot, and Sun SPOT, with live demos.

Sun Santa Clara Campus Auditorium,
California, USA, 2008 Jan 23-24

Mobile & Embedded Developer Days in Santa Clara exceeded my expectations. Bruce presented Up Close and Personal with TrackBot and demonstrated a small swarm of TrackBots in person, with Sun SPOTs as the application brain. Sun did begin the open sourcing of Squawk, with GPL2 licensing and no classpath exception. Blogger Mary apparently really liked what she saw. Terrance Barr has a comprehensive wrapup and you can download the session slides and view some pictures including some of TrackBot display and solo and Bruce presenting in the SPOT contest. Here are some videos of Squawk VM with Eric Arseneau , SunSPOT with Roger Meike and the SPOT team, TrackBot Up Close with Bruce Boyes at 50:00 in, Sentilla WSN, and more. Interestingly, Ron Goldman, PhD, a key SPOT team member is also the author of Innnovation Happens Elsewhere. Sun announced the initial steps of open-sourcing the Squawk VM (get it here), under the GPL2 license without a classpath exception. This was reported by Paul Krill of infoworld here and here.

Utah JUG 2007 Nov 15 18:15-19:00
TrackBot presentation and demo before a great group of 100+ local Java developers. Here are the PDF slides.
San Jose, Oct 25-26. Speaking, demonstrating a swarm of TrackBots, and exhibiting TrackBot. Speaking Thursday at 2:30PM in the Enabling Technology track. Demonstration time is Friday 2:00 - 2:30. Session slides here as PDF.
San Diego, Oct 29 - Nov 02, the week after RoboBusiness. We plan to exhibit and demonstrate TrackBot. Come see us!
Maker Faire, 2007 May San Mateo CA
Demonstrated TrackBot and Sun SPOTs, and partook of the chaos and multi-faceted creativeness of the Faire.
JavaOne 2007, May, San Francisco, CA
Participated in Hands On LAB-7230: Project Sun SPOT, Robots, and Java Technology with 100 TrackBots and 200 SunSPOTs(!), and presented BOF-1891 SPOTBot: Turning a Sun SPOT into a Rugged and Affordable Mobile Robot. TrackBot made its first public appearance in the Robotics corner of the Java.net pavilion.
Podcast Icon JavaPosse Podcast #131
JavaPosse Session 131 Podcast - Eric Arseneau (Sun Labs) and Bruce Boyes (Systronix) discuss SunSPOT and Trackbot about 12 minutes into this podcast.
Embedded Systems Conference 2007
April, San Jose
Presentation Title: Adding IEEE-1588 Support to an Embedded Java Controller
Class #: ESC-440
Class Format: Class
Class Length: 90-Minute
Date: Thursday, 5 April 2007
Time: 2:00:00 PM - 3:30:00 PM
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KTH - Royal Institute of Technology [Kungliga Tekniska högskolan] in Stockholm, 2007 Jan 12. Thank you to our host Anders Sjögren. Lunch and further discussion with Adam Edström, Editor at Large of Elektroniktidningen magazine, the leading Swedish electronics publication who had this to say.

Left on Sunday just before the peak of a major storm in the area.

SICS - Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Kista, 2007 Jan 11. Thank you to Joakim Eriksson of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory. We had a demo of SunSPOTs, video clips of JCX robots at the University of Utah and discussion of many topics including future collaboration.
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OMG Technical meeting, Robotics working groups, 2006 Dec, Washington DC. Bruce gave a progress report on working with the Microsoft Robotic Studio. Presentations by experts on IEEE-1451 and -1588.

Conferences and Public Appearances - Past

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OMG Technical meeting, Robotics working groups, 2006 Sep, Anaheim CA. SunSPOT demo with Eric Arseneau of Sun Labs.
Bruce spoke in a special OMG Robotics Standards briefing session which has been reported in the Register. A PDF of the presentation is available here from OMG.
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2006 April, St Louis, MO. Bruce was elected co-chair of the OMG Robotics Domain Task Force, Profile Working Group. More information: OMG Robotics DTF
JavaOne2006 website


JavaOne 2006 May 15-18
San Francisco, CA, USA

Session Id: TS-5386
Session Title: Groovy Goes RFID with Smart Sensors for Real-World Control
Room: Gateway 104
Date: 16-MAY-06
Start Time: 17:45
Session Id: BOF-0509
Session Title: Hacking Vex Robotics by Adding a Smart Java™ Technology Brain
Room: Olympic
Date: 16-MAY-06
Start Time: 19:30
Session Id: BOF-0503
Session Title: Java™ Technology in an Intelligent Swarm of Heterogeneous Lego Robots
Room: Olympic
Date: 16-MAY-06
Start Time: 21:30
OMG Logo - click here
OMG Robotics Specifications, 2005 Dec 5-8, Burlingame, CA. Bruce attended and presented at the initial RFI submission review for robotics standards. The presentation is available at java.net in the I/O tagging project of the robotics community, available here

See us in Booth 419. Bruce Boyes will be participating in a panel discussion "Development Issues in Intelligent Mobile Robotics", Thursday at 2PM. Here's a description: “The development of robots and robotic technology requires the mastery of multiple disciplines – primarily software development, mechanical and electrical engineering. Robotics development is made even more difficult as it is limited by embedded and real-time constraints. But real-time concerns are only the beginning, especially as robots and robotic technology become more prevalent in the home, the workplace and in public places. The next generation of robots and robotic devices must also be integrated with other systems in their environment. For both the hobbyist and professional developer, the choice of operating systems, development tools, platform software and hardware such as micro-controller and sensors, and a myriad of other options must be addressed. In this panel session, attendees will come to understand the most pressing issues in robotics development and learn about the products, tools and techniques that can be used to overcome them.”

In addition there is some evening OMG activity (Thu or Fri night? - can't find any link to it on the web).

Also: back by popular request: Jim Wright's JStamp-powered JavaNator man-versus-machine sumo robots will be appearing again, probably for the last time.

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OMG Robotics Specifications
2005 Sep 12-16, Atlanta, GA

Bruce Boyes spoke at, attended the technical conference, and exhibited JCX.

If you have practical experience in robotics, would you like to contribute to emerging robotics standards?

Click to go to JavaOne site
2005 June 27-30

SanFransisco, California, USA

Read the transcript or listen to the audio here

TS-1464: Self-Configuring Smart Java Robots through Plug and Play I/O Boards
Track: Cool Stuff, Session Type: Technical Case Studies

Thursday 06/30/05 1:15-2:15 PM Gateway 104

Imagine that it is your task to maintain and program a swarm of 'N' autonomous robots, where 'N' can be twenty or more. All your robots have some hardware in common, but also differ in their sensors and effectors. How do you avoid having 'N' different code bases to maintain? We solved this problem by adding
descriptive tagging memory to each hardware board in each robot. This memory makes each I/O board "plug and play" so that one common code base can auto-configure itself to each robot on which it is deployed.

2005 May 10-11
Cambridge, MA, USA
Systronix attended and exhibited at RoboBusiness 2005. If you are in the area and would like to meet, please contact us. We intended to be shipping JCX prior to this conference... hmm... that didn't happen.

2004 Conference on IEEE-1588
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
Sep 27-29

IEEE1588 is a "A Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems" - we are planning to eventually implement it on our embedded Java systems, hence our interest in the conference.
RoboNexus Logo
Oct 21-23, Santa Clara, CA.

Some portion of the 10,000 attendees saw Systronix and the real, live, production version of JCX at RoboNexus, booth 1108, Oct 21-23, Santa Clara, CA. RoboNexus is a multifaceted international forum bringing together all of the major players driving the burgeoning personal, service and mobile robotics markets. RoboNexus includes over 50,000 square feet of expo and will feature the latest robotics products, technologies and applications. This was the first conference and exhibit of this magnitude in North America.

Press release from Robotic Trends 2004 Oct 27

The 2004 International MultiConference in
Computer Science & Computer Engineering
Las Vegas, NV
June 21-24

Click for the PDF file PDF of this presentation (150 KBytes)

Paper ID #: PDP2540 Tuesday 22 June, 12:00-12:20 PM
Autonomous Embedded Java Robots in University of Utah CE/CS Senior Projects

Bruce Boyes
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA &
Systronix Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Session: Teaching Java In Advanced Topics Courses
Session Chairs: Rodney S. Tosten and G. S. Stiles

This was a synopsis of the 2003-2004 academic year CS/CE 4710 class, including video clips of a sonar mapping robot, an AI checker bot, and more.

Systronix co-sponsored this conference and had a live product demonstration booth, as we did in 2003.

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San Francisco, CA
2004 June 28 - July 01


BOF-3044 "Smart JavaTM Technology Lego Robots Invade the University "
Monday 9:30 PM Esplanade 304/306

This Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) presentation included video highlights of some of the robots built by students at the University of Utah in their Senior Project class CE/CS4710 and a demonstration of the Lego® and JCX SonarBot.
Click for the PDF file Here is a PDF of this presentation (200 KBytes)

BOF-3002 "Smart Autonomous JavaTM Technology Robot Arm"
Tuesday 9:30 PM Golden Gate #2

This Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) presentation included a demo of the JCX and Robix robot arm.
Click for the PDF file Here is a PDF of this presentation (400 KBytes). And here is a photo (300 KBytes) of the arm in the booth at JavaOne.

Industrial Java Product demonstrations, related to JDDAC and IEEE1451. Follow the JDDAC project and download code at https://jddac.dev.java.net/

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