Complete your project by giving it a professional appearance!

Ah, one of life's perennial headaches: packaging a prototype without spending a fortune at the machine shop, not to mention the time it takes to track down all the bits and pieces. Here's the answer: Mix and match these enclosures, end panels, keypads, LCDs and our controller boards to meet almost any need. These accessories are designed to work together. Your completed sysem will look great, and you'll appreciate the time and money you saved by buying it all off-the-shelf, from stock.

Snap Track

Wall and DIN Rail Mounting
(very popular, RoHS-compliant, current product)

Simple, snap-together track for 100 mm wide euroboards. The track can be screwed to a wall or enclosure panel, or with DIN rail clips, clipped on to all three standard DIN rail profiles.

Plastic Enclosures
(phased out, limited stock remaining)

Attractive plastic, with slide-in end panels for quick custom I/O. Pre-routed for Systronix LCDs and keypads. Mounting lugs for standard 100x160 mm Euroboards.

(legacy product, limited stock remaining)

These rugged membrane 4x4 keypads can easily be customized with your own key legends.


Character LCDs
(legacy product, phased out)

Crisp, clear LCDs with wide viewing angle, plug right on to Systronix development systems. Firmware support included.

(current products)

Cable kit to adapt most common PC serial connectors to Systronix DB9 male or female connectors.

Odds & Ends
(current products)

Buzzers, replacement lithium batteries, and other bits and pieces (not components) that don't fit in other categories.