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Our enclosures are rugged two-tone gray plastic. The base has integral mounting lugs for 100x160 mm Euroboards.The ends are grooved to accept blank end panels or one of our standard end panels. Our LCDs and keypads fit neatly into precisely machined pockets. The enclosure is held together with four philips-head screws. The enclosure halves are grooved to accept an optional sealing o-ring.

The enclosure shown in the photo is available in both 50mm and 70mm thick versions, all other dimensions are the same. Custom end panels are available only for the 50mm version -- the 70mm enclosure ships with two blank end panels.

Shown in the photo: 20x4 enclosure 50mm thick enclosure #9208 with end panels #9200 on the top and #9201 on the bottom.
Important note about using enclosures with STEP boards:
STEP uses vertical SIMM sockets, and TINI extends about 35mm/1.40in above the board. If you are using an LCD, it is mounted inside the enclosure. Therefore, a STEP+LCD requires the 70mm thick enclosure #9216. If you are not using an LCD, the 50mm thick enclosure #9208 is acceptable. To connect the LCD and keypad to STEP, you need either 1) a circuit of your own design or 2) our (now discontinued) SBX2 board. The LCD and keypad do not simply plug into TILT or STEP, you need some additional interface. Our legacy product DPB2 has such an interface.

Please read this about Systronix Plastic Enclosures: We are phasing out our plastic enclosures, since they were designed for use with STEP and DPB2. We still have some of the 70mm (unmachined) and 50mm (machined for 16x2 LCD and keypad) boxes in stock End panels are no longer available from us, but you can make your own (or have them made at any PCB shop) using the drawings provided here.

Mechanical Drawings with dimensions

Enclosure for 20x4 LCD Euroboard enclosure pre-machined for 20x4 LCD and 4x4 keypad
Enclosure for 16x2 LCD Euroboard enclosure pre-machined for 16x2 LCD and 4x4 keypad
End panel 9200 2 DB9s, and 5.5x2.5 mm power jack
End panel 9201 One 25x2 AMP "CHAMP" telco connector
End panel 9202 One DB25

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