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A practical engineering approach to using embedded Java in real-world applications.


We have had a *lot* of requests for some kind of embedded Java benchmark, and so far as we know, no one has attempted to do one. So this is a first attempt at benchmarking currently available embedded Java systems. No benchmark attempt is perfect, and this is no exception. Much more benchmark code is under way (network, I/O, etc).
Have a much better idea for benchmark code? Great! - email with code, suggestions or criticisms.
Your hardware isn't here? Email us if you would like to include it and can loan it to us for several weeks.
Have benchmarks you want us to post here? To keep the playing field level, we must do all the testing ourselves. Send us your hardware and we'll test it and post the results.

BenchMark Index
Benchmark with Android 1.5 on HTC G1
Benchmark 1.1d with Android 1.1 emulator results, and actual Android HTC G1 Dev Phone hardware

Benchmark 1.1c with results for SunSPOTBlue (2008 June) pre-release, tested in 2008 Oct

BenchMark 1.1b with results for SunSPOT Purple (2007Nov) and Orange(2007Jan) releases
HeapTest (several versions) started 2003 Feb 24
BenchMark 1.1a updated 2007 Jan 29 with SunSPOT Orange 07118 release results
updated 2006 Sep with results from Beta SunSPOTs
BenchMark 1.0f 2003 Feb 18
For more technical details and comparison of these modules which are being tested, see this feature comparison table.

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