RAD51 is an acronym for Rapid Application Development for 8051s.

RAD51 is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with a comfortable text editor, and an 8051 cross-assembler. It's a true 32-bit Windows application and requires Windows 9X or NT. Rather than tell you more here, you can check the data sheet or just download the whole program. It's free!

RAD51 takes a 'project' view of your code and retains basic information in a PRJ file. Shared code such as I/O routines can be kept in a 'parent' folder. Individual projects are stored in 'child' folders which can #include the shared code. We include several samples which illustrate this.

A $299 value (this lets you know it's worth a lot and not some cheap give-away), RAD51 is FREE!

Not just another assembler, RAD51 is designed to help you manage assembly code projects and maintain your code. Don't ruin your eyes trying to read the screen shot above. Download the data sheet which has much bigger type.
RAD51 FILES AREA: application files, latest controller.cfg, sample programs, etc
Index of Errata, Issues, Application notes and FAQs

Datasheets & Manuals (use Acrobat reader 4.X for best results)

RAD51 Data Sheet (400 KB) Complete RAD51 data sheet with color photographs
Assembler Help File & Tech Ref (100 KB) Help specific to the RAD51 assembler. This is the same file which you access from the RAD51 help menu.
RAD51 Help File & Tech Ref (1 MB) Technical reference and user manual. This is the same file which you access from the RAD51 help menu.

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