Systronix HSM530

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HSM530 is an adapter intended for use with the Systronix HSM320. It also plugs into ANY 8051 DIP40 socket. It enables you to PROGRAM the DS87C530 in a standard DIP40 device programmer, by making the C530 appear to be a C520 device (they use the same programming algorithm).

Running at 33 MHz, the 87C530 delivers 8.25 MIPs. The 87C530 includes two UARTs, 1 KByte of on-chip MOVX SRAM, 16 KBytes of EPROM, and a clock and calendar which can interrupt the controller. The SRAM anc clock and calendar are battery backed.

When used with the latest version of HSM320, the serial loader is C530-aware, and you can access all the special C530 SFRs from the loader.

Above: top view of the HSM530 adapter.
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Datasheets & Manuals (use Acrobat reader 4.X for best results)

HSM530 Data Sheet (400 KB) Complete development system data sheet with color photographs
DS87C530 Data Sheet (500 KB) Datasheet for the controller only. We've added a detailed index to the PDF file.
HSM530 Schematics (200 KB) Identifies all the option and configuration jumpers, switches and connectors. Summarizes important operating information.
HSM530 Technical Reference (500 KB) Complete technical reference and user manual.

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