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JStamp and JCX in University and College Programs (send us a link to yours)
Getting set up to program JStamp, Tutorials, tips and examples. If you are just starting to use your JStamp, SaJe or JStik, start here.
Problems loading a program, or using the Charade debugger? Check here for help first. Specific tool help for JemBuilder, etc is coming soon. For now please start with the tutorials above.
Series of application notes related to Dallas 1Wire Networks. These app notes apply to all the realtime Java systems (SaJe, JStamp, etc) since they share a common core controller. (These are not as detailed as the tutorials and assume you understand how to compile, link and download programs.) The interface to the 1Wire network is through a serial adapter - either on-board as in the case of SaJe, or using an external adapter such as the DS9097U available from Dallas Semiconductor.
JCX (robotic) app notes and others, including R/C servo control, sonar rangefinder.
Fantazein oscillating clock
aJile chip and tools documents, including updates. Check here to be sure you are using the most current release of the aJile tools.
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