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HSM550 is a powerful development system for the new Dallas DS87C550 High Speed Processor. Running at 33 MHz, the 87C550 delivers 8.25 MIPs. The 87C550 includes eight channels of 10-bit ADC, four PWM channels, two UARTs, 55 I/O port pins, 1 KByte of on-chip MOVX SRAM, and 8 KBytes of EPROM.

The Systronix HSM550 development system adds a low noise switching power supply, multi-layer circuit board, analog signal conditioning, precision analog reference, a 12-bit DAC, MicroLan/iButton port, temperature sensor, silicon serial number, SBX expansion, clock and calendar, pushbuttons and LED indicators, 120 KBytes of NVRAM, and more. HSM550 accepts Intel HEX files over its RS232 serial port using the Systronix smart serial loader.

Above: HSM550 with a prototype SBX keypad, LCD and I/O expansion board installed.
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Datasheets & Manuals (use Acrobat reader 4.X for best results)

HSM550 Data Sheet (500 KB) Complete HSM550 development system data sheet with color photographs
DS87C550 Data Sheet (400 KB) Datasheet for the microcontroller only. We've added a detailed index to the PDF file.
HSM550 Quick Reference (300 KB) Identifies all the option and configuration jumpers, switches and connectors. Summarizes important operating information.
HSM550 Technical Reference (1.3 MB) Complete technical reference and user manual.

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