BASIC-52 Interpreter Products

(If you need real-time BASIC, use the BCI51 compiler)
Or consider a new state-of-the art technology: embedded Java

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BASIC-52 Programming

by Systronix

The leading technical reference to using the BASIC-52 interpreter. 180 pages softbound. Example disk also available. Now being printed and sold by Micromint.

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BASIC-52 Interpreter Source Code

Originally written by Intel, no longer supported by them. Source code available here.

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The Microcontroller Idea Book

by Jan Axelson

Circuits, programs and applications using the 8052-BASIC chip controller. Excellent companion to BASIC-52 Programming. 275 pages softbound. Example disk also available.

BASIC-52 Chips

BASIC-52 controller chips are available from Micromint. Click the image or the hyperlink to go to their web site.

MDL Labs BASIC Interpreters


Improved BASIC-52 Chips

MDL Labs has written and sells improved versions of the BASIC-52 interpreter.