HSM320 is our original development board for the original Dallas High Speed Processor, the DS80C320. Running at 33 MHz, the 80C320 delivers 8.25 MIPs. The 80C320 includes two UARTs, watchdog timer, power failure detection, dual data pointers, and many power saving modes.

HSM520 is the same board with a DS87C520 controller installed. The 87C520 is similar to the 80C320 but adds 1 KByte of on-chip MOVX SRAM and 16 KBytes of internal EPROM.

The Systronix development board adds pushbuttons and LED indicators, 120 KBytes of NVRAM, and more. HSM320 accepts Intel HEX files over its RS232 serial port using the Systronix smart serial loader. The loader is both 320- and 520- aware.

Previous versions of HSM320 were called HSM/KISS. We changed the name when we added the new autobauding smart loader and revised the design to support the slightly different timing of the 87C520 controller.

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Click here for sample programs (15 KByte ZIP file) Prints "hello" from both UARTs, adaptable to any baud rate, with PRJ files for use with RAD51.
Click here for application notes and FAQs

Datasheets & Manuals (use Acrobat reader 4.X for best results)

HSM320/520 Data Sheet (300 KB) Complete development system data sheet with color photographs
DS80C320 Data Sheet (500 KB) Datasheet for the microcontroller only.
DS87C520 Data Sheet (500 KB) Datasheet for the microcontroller only.
HSM320/520 Tech Ref (870 KB) Complete technical reference and user manual. Major revision 2.0 October 1999.

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