Note: Systronix no longer stocks the Dallas secure micros, please order them elsewhere
This is a Legacy product. We continue to sell it but no new development is planned.

More photographs

DPB2 is a unique development system for the entire Dallas Secure Microcontrollers. These are 8051 cores plus nonvolatile memory, clock and calendar, watchdog timer, and 10-year lithium battery, all in one module. All you need to add is a crystal, power and any special I/O.

DPB2 is the fastest way to develop a system with Dallas Secure Micros. The Systronix DPB2 development system adds a linear regulator, LCD and keypad interfaces, 8-bit ADC, 4 bits of digital input, 4 bits of high current open-drain output, and a large prototype area with colander ground plane. DPB2 accepts DIP40, SIMM40 and SIMM72 modules.

Convert DPB2 to a heavy use DS5000 DIP40 programmer with this adapter.
Sample programs, I/O drivers, and installation files
Application notes and FAQs, Secure Micro description & selection table

Datasheets & Manuals

DPB2 Data Sheet (600 KB) Complete DPB2 development system data sheet with color photographs
DPB2 Technical Reference (1.3 MB) Complete technical reference and user manual.
DPB2 Schematics (PDF 100 KB) Schematics (newly posted 2005 April 17)
Secure Microcontroller Data Sheets
This information may be out of date, best to check online at Dallas/Maxim website

Secure Micro Selection Table

Secure Micro Description
Compares all secure micro features, price and recommended applications. Helps you choose the best one for your application.
DS5000(T) Data Sheet (150 KB) DIP40 controller with up to 32 KByte total code & data memory.
DS2250(T) Data Sheet (150 KB) SIMM40 controller with up to 64 KByte total code & data memory.
DS2252(T) Data Sheet (150 KB) SIMM40 ultra-secure controller with up to 128 KByte total code & data memory.
DS2251(T) Data Sheet (150 KB) SIMM70 controller with up to 128 KByte total code and data memory.

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